This is the page for anyone seeking resources for Ukrainian adults or children.

When there’s a spare moment. it will be more attractively presented.

Resources In Ukrainian

A very full list of Ukrainian educational and language resources, books, audiobooks, etc.

collated in April 2022 based on information shared on social media

(if you have suggestions or resources to share and add to the list, please contact

Ways to support EAL students in the classroom

Comprehensive and well-informed list of best practice suggestions from EAL specialist teacher in Devon – thank you, Vicki.

Free Downloadable Sheets of Communication Symbols

This is the main list:

These two contains all of the Ukrainian / English and Russian/ English ones:

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Arrival Admin with links and examples

Clear and helpful Info Sheet from:

This is the sheet:

Launceston Library

This helpful information is from the staff at the library:

This is the Cornwall Library Website – use it to access online language learning and Borrowbox (for e-books and audiobooks). You need a library card (free and available from the library staff) to access these services. You use the long number on the card when you log in online. You choose a 4-digit code too. Make it the last four digits of your long number, and you’ll never forget it!

This course has been recommended for hosts and volunteers by a very experienced local ESOL teacher and volunteer.